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National Dog Groomers Association of America

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Jennifer Orr

My name is Jennifer Orr, I own and operate Emerywood Grooming, its so exciting to be able to say that, having my very own grooming shop has been a dream of mine for a long time.
My passion for grooming started over 25 years ago, my family adopted a dog and every time we took the pup to the groomers she was terrified. When we picked her up it took her a day to recover. I decided that if I could learn how to groom, that I would take the stress out of it for her and make her happy to be groomed.
A very nice grooming shop opened in the neighborhood I asked her if she needed any help. She specialized in show dogs she showed wire Fox terriers. Thanks to her, after a few` years I became a national certified Master groomer in terriers and after a few more I learned how to do all breeds.
15 years ago I became an groom academy instructor for a major corporation I wanted to teach grooming so that dogs could be comfortable and well taken care off, just like when I started.
Now its my turn, Emerywood Grooming is my shop, and I look forward to offering the same care, comfort and skill to you. Because they’re not just our pets there are children and family members and that is the way they need to be treated. Master Groomer, Corporate Grooming Trainer, Member of Nation Dog Groomers Association of America, Certified Companion Animal Hygienist, and experienced Show Groomer.